Monday, November 9, 2015

Luna's Favorite Things

Today is Luna's (estimated) 1st birthday! I am beyond thankful to my amazing Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike for letting me have their sweet kitten this past January. Luna is by far the best and most adorable cat in the whole world and I love her more than anything (I am still unsure if these feelings are mutual). In honor of her first year of life, I decided to write a blog post about all of her favorite things as she can be difficult to please.

Foil Balls
Out of all the toys I've gotten her these foul balls have been her favorite by far. I think she has around 8 of them now. She loves hitting them around and playing catch with me at night before bed. 
Luna LOVES her nummies. Saturday was her first day on adult cat food (sad face), and she seems to have adjusted to the transition well. I got her Friskies Indoor Delights, but if your cat has a favorite food I'd love some suggestions on what to get her next time!
Luna loves being brushed. I brush her every night before we go to bed for about 10 minutes. I usually don't even need to move my hand because she just rubs her body against the brush on her own. I like this brush because it has a button on the back that will push all the hair off the brush when you push it. Daily brushing also helps with shedding! 
Buckle collars
Okay this one is more for me than Luna because she doesn't seem to like wearing collars. All of her previous collars have been break away and she ALWAYS finds a way to get them off. I got her this super cute Christmas collar at PetSmart that has an actual buckle, so it should be a bit more difficult for her to remove.
Cardboard scratching post 
Kainen (my boyfriend) got Luna this scratching post/play house as an early birthday present Saturday and she has been having a blast playing on/in it ever since. She's even chosen it over her rope scratching post that is right next to it. (Kudos to you, Kainen)
Sugar cookies
Okay, this is a weird one but Luna LOVES sugar cookies. My mom sent me some of those great pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies in a care package and Luna went crazy. Kainen broke off a piece and gave it to her and I don't think I . After that she was all up in my business anytime I ate one, and actually pulled a Lady & the Tramp move in me and snuck a bite as I was eating one. 

Time to go celebrate Luna's first birthday with some new toys, cuddles, and cookies!

xo. Brooke

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