Thursday, April 23, 2015

20 in 20

Today is the day! I am now officially 20 years-old. CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH?!?!! I thought about how I would go about writing this post for a while, and I decided that I would write 20 lessons I learned in my 20 years of life on our beautiful earth. Prepare to laugh, cry, and maybe feel uncomfortable. Here it goes in no particular order:

1. Love yourself

2. Drink coffee every day

3. Don't make eye contact with strangers in the elevator (things get awkward)

4. Dance it out. Whatever it is.

5. Naps are good

6. Thank your parents! (Thanks mum & pop)


8. Not all people are nice 

9. Your sibling is your best friend (S/O to my sis Kristen! I love ya!)

10. When in doubt, watch Gilmore Girls

11. Reading is fun

12. Pets are a necessity 

13. Wear more black

14. Do what you're passionate about

15. Shoes CAN be both cute and comfy (this also applies to clothes)

16. Don't settle

17. Everybody poops

18. It's okay to ask for help

19. Cats are tiny bed warmers you get to snuggle with (SCORE!)

20. Crafting is the best therapy (well, crafting & ice cream)

Well there you have it! 20 years of wisdom at you're fingertips. Time to go live up my first day as a twenty-something! 

Special thanks to my pretty rad bf Kainen for making my birthday special! 


xo. Brooke

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