Tuesday, October 6, 2015

25 Facts About Me

Let's get personal.
  1. My three favorite colors are black, mustard, and burgundy
  2. I am an introvert & I love it
  3. I am the worst at online window shopping (I give up because I get too sad)
  4. I currently have $0.00 in my bank account (college, am I right?)
  5. I am the t-shirt chair for my quasi-sorority Sigma Phi Lambda
  6. My dream job is to work in the merchandising department at Anthropologie
  7. When I can't fall asleep I like to plan outfits in my head
  8. When I start a project I get extreme anxiety if I don't get it finished that day (sewing, knitting, reading, etc.)
  9. I have a list of 56 books I need to buy and read in the notes section on my phone 
  10. I started college as a pre-nursing major (LOL)
  11. I named my cat Luna after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
  12. I have had a reoccurring dream since June about a shirt I wanted and didn't buy on my family's vacation to Disney World this past summer
  13. I collect quirky mugs
  14. When I was very little I wanted to be a marine biologist because I loved dolphins (still do)
  15. I would love to have an Australian accent
  16. I can't paint my own fingernails (if you want to hook a sista up please let me know)
  17. I didn't start drinking black coffee until February of this year and I haven't been able to drink it with milk/creamer since
  18. My favorite item of clothing is a great pair of jeans
  19. My Meyers-Briggs type is ISTJ
  20. I have a weird fascination with foreign/vintage slang words
  21. I once accidentally stabbed myself in the leg with a knitting needle
  22. My very first concert was Brittney Spears in 2001 and it was a magical pop-filled night
  23. I love the rain, but hate going out in it because my glasses get wet 
  24. I have a tendency to resent people who say they don't like cats. Cat's are the best- deal with it
  25. Sleeping in is one of my favorite things
Congratulations, you now know 25 random things about me. Feel free to share these facts if you run out of talking points in awkward conversations, when you're talking to your pets, or to add some flair to your academic essays. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. Feel free to share facts about you in the comments below! 

xo. Brooke

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