Monday, February 1, 2016

The Fight Against Dry Skin

I have the most insane dry skin. The dryness starts around November (sometimes October) and doesn't get back to normal until around March. That's FOUR FULL MONTHS of desert dryness on my face. My skin tends to be the driest from the cheekbones down and is the worst around my nose and mouth. By the end of the day the skin and makeup around my nose and mouth is usually flaky, itchy, irritated, and really just not cute at all. I get really self-conscious about the dryness, and I've made it my goal this Winter to find the best products to combat my dry skin. While I still haven't found the perfect moisturizer, I've found some other products and skin care methods that have worked wonders!

Cup O' Coffee Mask
I caved and bought this mask at Lush when I was in Philadelphia. It's a mask/scrub that is super hydrating and doubles as an exfoliator because of the ground coffee in the mask. I leave it on my face for 5-10 minutes right after I get out of the shower. When it's time too remove the mask I like to wet my fingertips and massage the grinds onto my face and then rinse off the scrub. My face always feels so soft and silky after using this mask. I've been using it twice a week followed by my normal moisturizer and toning spray.

Nivea Cream 
Like I said before, my nose and mouth are my problem areas when it comes to dryness. I use Nivea cream only where my skin is the driest because it is a heavier cream. I'll dab a little around my mouth and nose before I go to bed and usually wake up with nice moisturized skin! 

Greek Yogurt & Honey Mask
If you are into easy DIY masks, this one is for you! All you have to do is mix 2 tbs plain full-fat Greek yogurt and 1 tsp honey. Make absolutely sure that you get full-fat yogurt to maximize the moisturizing benefits of the mask. After you blend your ingredients, paint the mask onto your face with a foundation brush for even coverage and leave it on for 15-20 minutes! I love how this mask feels on my face; it's nice, chilly, and feels very luxurious on the skin.

Toning Spray
Toning spray is a great way to re-hydrate your face through out the day. I'm currently using e.l.f's setting spray that contains aloe, green tea, and vitamins A, C, and E. I like to use it after I moisturize, to set my makeup, and to spritz on my face when I need a pick-me-up during the day.

I hope that these products I've fallen in love with will be able to work as much magic in your life as they have in mine. Please let me know if you have any favorite moisturizing products! My poor skin needs all the help it can get.

xo. Brooke

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke! This is Katie Coen! I totally have the same problem. And since I used to have some pretty gnarly acne I was fighting both dry flaky skin AND T-Zone grease. After I got on acne medication my skin became even more sensitive (I'd always get super red, burning skin from harsh products) so my derm recommended Cetaphil (as most will) and it's really wonderful! It's not greasy (my biggest pet peeve with moisturizers),it sets in quickly, and it does wonders! The key is to moisturize often! I wash my face every morning and night making sure to use it afterwards and always always always moisturize after a shower, especially a hot shower, since hot water drys out skin. Natural cleansers can also help reduce some dryness. And apply some Rose Hip oil based lip balm after taking a drink of water for dry lips. It'll lock moister in like no other!