Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Netflix and Me:: a love story (part two)

Well here it is, as promised- the second half of my top ten favorite shows on Netflix! I hope you spend the next several months of your life watching these great shows along with the ones featured in last week's post! I promise you will not be disappointed!

1. American Horror Story
If you want to watch a show unlike any other, this is the show for you! It's definitely one of my top three favorite shows of all time. (Season 3 is my personal favorite)

2. The Killing
Once you start this show you will be hooked! You watch as two homocide detectives solve the murder of a young girl, and that's only the first two seasons! Three and four aren't connected, but one and two are a must watch for sure!!!

3. Gossip Girl
This show isn't for everybody, but it sure is for me! I'm currently on season 4, and I'm loving it. There's so much gossip, fashion, and drama!! 

4. Arrested Development
This show is hilarious. That's all you really need to know. Watch it and get in your ab workout for the day!

5. Dexter
Like The Killing, Dexter will also have you hooked! I have yet to finish the series because I've heard the last two seasons aren't that great, but I plan to watch them at some point! Dexter is a great show because you get so caught up in the story. Good stuff, people.

Well there you have it! My (current) complete list of my top 10 favorite shows on Netflix! I hope you saw something that caught your eye to watch! 

Cheers & Happy Netflixing!

xo. Brooke

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