Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goals on Goals on Goals

The beginning of a new school year is always paired with intense feelings of motivation for me. My planner is organized practically by the hour, my assignments are completed the day they are assigned, and everything is beautiful, color-coded, and perfect. If only I could find a way to stay so organized past mid-terms!! Once things start to get crazy, I start prioritizing my work and relaxation time above organization which only makes me stress more. Seeing as this is my LAST full year of college, (wow how did that happen???) I figured now is a good of a time as ever to start forming a lift of goals for myself to help me not only now, but also once I go out to work in the real world in a year and a half. I'm starting small, and focusing solely on this school year.

2015-2016 School Year Goals
- STAY organized 
- Wait until homework is done to watch Netflix :(
- Wake up on time for class (at least 6most of the time)
- Update portfolio & resume regularly
- Keep on top of Phi Lamb shirt designs and orders
- Read one fun book a month
- Make Dean's List
- Transition into a cruelty-free product lifestyle (animal testing is so sad, people)
- Network network network

This list is sure to grow, but these are my goals as of right now! (I like the idea of having my goals on here to keep me motivated) I also plan on making a cute list to put on my "inspiration board" (artsy, I know) that I am working on currently. It will have pictures of Anthro's HQ, sewing projects/ideas, fashion inspiration, etc. whatever I am inspired/motivated by at any given moment will be on this board!! There is nothing more motivating than being reminded of your goals and dreams 24/7. I encourage you all to make your own lists of goals relevant to you to remind you of all the wonderful things you're working towards.

xo. Brooke

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