Monday, October 26, 2015

Inspiration: The Canadian Tuxedo

Pulling off the Canadian Tuxedo is a nearly impossible feat- very few can do it, but those who can do it very very well. I often find myself scrolling through pages upon pages of fashionistas flaunting their Canadian tuxedos on Pinterest, and I absolutely envy them. A properly-done Canadian tuxedo can be a super cool and classic look. Here are some tips to mastering the Canadian tuxedo so that we all don't walk around dressed like Brittney and Justin:

Mix it up
Mix dark and light shades of denim to create contrast in your Canadian Tuxedo. Wearing two light shades of denim together is hard to do well (see image of Brittney and Justin). Wearing dark denim on dark denim is a little bit easier to create a chic look, but the best way to ensure your Canadian tuxedo is a success is to wear dark and light denim together.

Make it pop
Add color and pattern with shoes, cardigans, jackets, accessories, and/or cool graphic tees. What could look cooler than some great dark denim skinnys, a distressed band tee, light wash denim vest, and printed booties? NOTHING (except maybe the fabulous outfit pictured above).

Utilize Modern Silhouettes
Instead of wearing the traditional denim jacket, opt for a more fashionable denim blazer, moto jacket, or vest instead to create a more interesting look. Utilizing modern silhouettes such as a denim moto jacket when creating your look makes the Canadian tuxedo much more chic and unique. 

Play with texture 
When planning your Canadian tuxedo be sure to get creative with texture. Try to incorporate pieces that have holes, frayed hems, or patches. Texture will add an extra level of cool to your Canadian tuxedo. This is also a way to channel you inner 90s grunge goddess.

xo. Brooke

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