Saturday, September 19, 2015

10 Truths of Knitting

I learned to knit one rainy weekend in 2010 and I haven't stopped since. There is something super relaxing about the rhythm of the knitting process (you also get to make stuff while relaxing, so that's super cool). I knit year round for stress relief purposes, but fall/winter is definitely my favorite time of tear to knit. The crisp cool air and changing colors make the knitting experience all the more cozy and enjoyable. But knitting does not come without costs; here are my 10 truths of knitting:

1. Yarn fuzz everywhere... Everywhere
2. Sneezing because yarn filaments fly into your nose becomes a regular thing
3. Being either envied or judged hardcore when knitting in public (there is no inbetween) 
4. Knitting to relieve stress instead of yoga, reading, drinking, etc.
5. Providing extra entertainment for your cat who loves shiny things AND string 
6. Finding yarn scraps stuck to your clothes, backpack, etc.
7. Having super soft finger tips from running them over the yarn as you knit
8. Random trips to the craft store when you absolutely NEED more yarn (even when you have a basket full)
9. Knitting puns become a part of your everyday conversation
10. The clinking sound of your needles will become increasingly therapeutic

Happy knitting!

xo. Brooke 

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