Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Regarding the Selfie Stick

Oh the selfie stick. I guess I will start off by saying that I do own one. I purchased my handy selfie friend at Best Buy for about $20 in June for my trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. This was before Disney banned the beloved selfie stick from being used in its parks (understandable after seeing the number of people who walked around the parks with their selfie sticks fully extended. Who does that?). Anyways, I've learned one thing in my months of being a selfie stick owner and user: the topic of the selfie stick is almost always surrounded by a huge dark cloud of judgement. I, for one, was judged hardcore by the cashier at Best Buy when I purchased my selfie stick. He smirked, chuckled, and slid the selfie stick slowly towards me after scanning it as if to see if I would take back my decision to purchase the item.. Very unprofessional, and very very awakard.

Here are some thought provoking questions I have regarding the selfie stick: Why does the selfie stick make people so uncomfortable? Why am I weird for owning AND using one? Will the selfie stick become a normal household item or will it fail miserably? Only time will tell.

xo. Brooke

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